Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I need a donut cutter...

Yesterday my daughters and I went vintage shopping at the Markham Fair Grounds.  I found the info for the Meister Markt Fair a few months ago and we decided we couldn't miss it, especially since it was only $5 admission for each of us -  how could you lose?  I get gently teased by Sarah for my love of Value Village - or the VV Boutique, as my best friend and I call it - but I've found amazing vintage items there so often.  Milk glass, Depression glass and Pyrex and, inevitably, I get the comment "Wow - where did you find that!" from one of the girls at least.  Quite often this is followed by "Can I have it?"  Yesterday was a bonanza of vintage goodies for all of us!

I saw these bowls early in the day, at a vendor I ended up shopping with multiple times.  I was so excited when I saw the bowls because I already have the red, divided Pyrex with this print on the clear glass lid, that matches the bowls.  They became my last purchase of the day and now all I need is the medium sized bowl that fits between these two, which is usually a solid red colour.  Here's my baking dish -

Before lunch, Megan and I were at one of the car boot locations (yes, we have them in Canada too!) and after I transcribed the German quote on a stein for her, I spotted this amazing hen dish.  It gradiates in colour from a bright red to an orangey red nest at the bottom.  Even without Meg's encouragement, "You've got to buy that!", I knew it would be making the trip home with us after we got a combo price for the hen and the stein.

My first purchase of the day was a box full of small, vintage Christmas ornaments.  I just adore them and use my mum's every year on the two trees I have in the house.  I don't care if the finish isn't perfect any more, because I love them for their quirky colour combinations and shapes.  This box still has its original price sticker of 79 cents on it too.  I've seen them for as much as $15 for a medium ornament at some antique "malls", so getting a whole box in great condition for $10 was a steal!

I was also on a mission yesterday to find vintage cooking and baking utensils.  My buddy Teresa asked me to look for an egg beater like my grandmother's.  You'd think that this would be easy, but no, the only ones I found were in terrible condition.  I lucked out on a very sentimental item, in a box full of $2 items - a donut cutter.  My paternal grandmother, who originally owned my egg beater, didn't bake a lot but would always make home made donuts for Lent every year.  Her cutter didn't look exactly like this one, but seeing it took me back to those days immediately and I knew I couldn't leave it at the sale.

I might not be making any donuts in the near future, but wouldn't that cut a great looking wreath cookie for Christmas?  And yes, I use all my vintage items, with great pleasure. :)


  1. Wow, just checked out your site this morning and I'm very impressed. Good for you. Brig this definintely you. I like the site, interesting, sincere, colourful and love the commentary. Miss you. cindy

  2. Hmmm...let me check the cupboard for that red bowl..I think I have it.

  3. You make me smile...especially when the girls "tease" you about Valu Veelag (I give it the French pronunciation, but of course!!) and then say "can I have that?" -- naturallement. Our children don't appreciate VV quite the same way we do and the wonderful bargains to be had. So I am glad to know that the 3 of you went to the fair together and encouraged one another in your purchases. I've seen Sarah's on FB and they make me think of my childhood. As a matter of fact Brigitte, your ornaments and the donut cutter also remind me of my childhood. My mother's donut cutter looked like this without the long handles to it -- and yes, I very much see wreath cookies at Christmas.

  4. Cindy, I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! We miss you too, but I think your environment is less stressful than ours right now. ;)

    Lori, keep me posted!

    Sherry, I love all the old utensils and I'm sure your kitchen display looked great. I'll have to post some pictures this December of my two trees with the ornaments - I even have one that's a walnut shape!