Monday, August 30, 2010

I love feeding people, whether I bake it myself or not

Today we had a "thanks and goodbye" event for our current boss, before he returns to his "permanent" job in another district of our division.  My former boss returns from another division some time late in September.

When I was planning this sendoff - because when you work for the boss you get to organize them for *everyone*! - I got a lot of "are you baking?" questions.  My fans were sadly dissapointed. ;)  For once, no home baked treats to add to an ordered cake since it was also Move Dear Daughter Part 2 Weekend.  Fortunately, Longo's came to the rescue - I had ordered what was an absolutely scrumptious strawberry shortcake for 40 and every slice got eaten!  This is not normal at office events and, as it turns out, this cake was the boss' favourite flavour which I didn't know beforehand.  We commiserated about how neither of us likes Black Forest Cake, because with our shared heritage, we've both eaten waaaay too many of them.  Normally I don't even like whipped cream, but today's cake was an exception.

I think I'll take pity on some of my buddies and take in some of the Sour Cream Blueberry Bundt Cake that I did end up making on Sunday night...I just didn't tell anyone about it yet. ;)

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