Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A House Full of Peeps

This Easter, for some reason, I decided I just had to use Peeps to decorate something for the holiday.  We didn't have a family tradition of the girls getting them in their Easter baskets when they were little, but the Easter Bunny started bringing them once they got older.

It's unfortunate that as soon as the package is opened, they get stale very, very quickly.  I wasn't too worried about that happening, because I expected they would get eaten in no time and they're just so cute I couldn't resist using them.  My real motivation was making them for my daughter's nieces, because there are no grandkids in my life yet - which is a whole other story and I'm probably going to get really OCD baking for my own g'kids once they're here! ;)

Here's the finished product, from the Easter Bunny to the girls:

Very simple and "old school" this year - vanilla rainbow sprinkle cake mix, topped by buttercream frosting tinted a very light green (doesn't show up well), some green sprinkles and, of course, Peeps!

And here they are, packed up to go:

I hope the girls enjoyed them - I know the big kids had fun eating the other cupcakes and ripping off their little heads. ;)

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  1. When the grandkids come you and I are going to have to get together and do OCD...and we'll need someone to keep us in check!! lol!!!

    Love these cupcakes..who wouldn't be happy to receive these??