Friday, January 13, 2012

Two-Tiered Red Cakestand - I couldn't resist!

I love the colour red and I'm a sucker for a good deal, especially when it's an item like this!

My daughters like to tease me about how many cake stands I own.  I know my fascination with them started with the first, simplest one that I inherited from my paternal grandmother.  During the 50's in Toronto, there was a chain of bakeries called the "Women's Bakery" and for a time my grandmother worked in one very close to our house.  When the location closed, the staff were allowed to keep some of the store items and my grandmother kept an absolutely simple, heavy glass cake stand.  When my mother was downsizing years ago, I inherited the cake stand and my collection began!

Although I'm on a very tight budget right now (see "Expired Union Contract", "Pig Headed Mayor", "Future Income Uncertainty" etc.), I couldn't resist a trip through my local Winner's store yesterday to see if anything was left in the deep discounted Christmas section.  This stack caught my eye, especially because I knew the pieces would create the stand above.  I'm guessing that more than one person picked them up and put them back again because they weren't in a box with a photo:

The plates didn't have the lovely red sale sticker, but after one of the staff checked the price for me, I knew I wasn't going to leave it there!

At my house, red isn't a Christmas colour.  It's the colour of my favourite appliance, it wraps around the lower half of my kitchen walls and it just makes me happy to be surrounded by it.  And hey, Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away!


  1. $3 is a SCORE!! And what does this say that people overlooked it because they didn't know what it was or what to do with it!!!

    Women's Bakery!!! I remember them and Hunts Bakery -- on the Danforth at Woodbine. It was always such a treat when my mom would take us in there to get dessert for Friday night dinner!!!

  2. Sherry, I'm sure I got them because they were out of the box and an "unknown" item to many people just passing them by. It also occured to me that I can use them unassembled, with a simple white doily.

  3. Pretty! I adore polka dots...and red!

  4. Great minds think alike Lori! ;)